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Financial Literacy Boot-Camp

Graphic depiction to show key elements of the Ideal situation for teaching teens and young adults financial literacyThe Financial Literacy Bootcamp is partnering with the non-profit Step By Step to pilot a series of five-day summer camps in the Charleston (WV) area. Up to 20 children who participate in the Financial Literacy Boot-Camp, will establish savings accounts with at least $100 by the end of summer 2018. Kanawha County school PTOs and PTAs are asked to identify five parent volunteers to complete  the National Financial Educators Council financial literacy training course. Mavery Davis, CPA, who is heading up the Financial Literacy Boot-Camp explains the long term benefits that financial literacy training offers, “With the portfolio-based financial literacy curriculum, students will learn to keep track of their goals and accomplishments from elementary through high school. Children will have the power to put together resumes, apply for college & scholarships packaged nicely in one organized place!”

Five parents recruited through the Financial Literacy Boot-Camp will complete a certificate training program that will enable them to serve as financial education instructors and coaches for a student team-based business plan competition planned for the end of summer 2018. The financial literacy training program is adapted for elementary, middle, high school, and adult audiences. Each level of the training includes these five steps:

  1. Financial Psychology: What are your needs and wants?
  2. Accounts, Savings & Budgets: How to design a budget that works for you
  3. Credit, Debts & Loans: Maintaining a sustainable balance
  4. Income, Careers, Business & Entrepreneurship: Invest in your future
  5. Risk Management & Insurance: Understand the risks

For more information about the Financial Literacy Boot-Camp, or about how to set up a financial literacy training for your youth, contact Mavery Davis, CPA.

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The first Financial Literacy Boot-Camp launches July 2, 2018!