Let’s Prevent Bullying

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Let’s Prevent Bullying

Let’s Prevent Bullying is an evidenced based bystander intervention program. Training bystanders has been shown to be the best bullying prevention method AND comprehensive bystander intervention programs are more effective than one time presentations.

How the project got started: The Adolescent Health Initiative Program in WV identified comprehensive bystander intervention as the best model for bullying prevention in middle schools and has 8 coordinators trained in an evidenced based model. Over the last 2 years, schools could contact the coordinators and request training for their school. Parents and communities may identify bystander intervention as something they want in their schools and make that request to the school principal. (Cost and Time Estimates that would depend on number of people involved)

  • Cost – Community Training costs – refreshments, mileage for parents, childcare & copies – $300
  • Student Training costs – $100
  • Faculty and Staff Training costs – $100
  • Various promotion efforts at school and the community throughout the year – $1500

5 steps to start this project: 

  1. Review the research regarding Comprehensive Bystander Intervention indicates that this is one of the most effective strategies for addressing bullying prevention.
  2. Discuss research with other parents and community members. Decide what is best for your school and your community.
  3. If Comprehensive Bystander Intervention is wanted, talk to the principal about training and implementation. There are several Adolescent Health Coordinators in the state that can providing training free of charge.
  4. Form a community council to help coordinate training and activities for the school and students that support bystander intervention.
  5. Find a school champion to help coordinate activities in the school and community.

What did you learn?
Research shows that training bystanders is the most effective type of bullying prevention offered.  Studies also show that comprehensive – classroom + school + community – are the more effective that one time awareness efforts.

Did you have a “A-Ha or Light Bulb” Moment?

Reviewing the research regarding bystander intervention.

What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Initially, schools were required to have one of their staff trained at a 4 day training, but we don’t have that requirement now.

How have you engaged the following partners in your strategy?

…parents and grandparents? Parents are encouraged to talk to their school about what type, if any, bullying prevention actions or program they implement.  Also, parents and community members receive training, as well as the school. This helps it be “comprehensive”.

…students? Students are crucial to the success. Students are trained, as well as help plan school or community activities.

…teachers and support staff? Teachers are trained.

…principal/administrators? Principals and administrators are trained.

…business/labor/community partners? Have the opportunity to be trained, as well as support school and community activities.