How to Start a Jump Rope Team

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Project Description


Jenny Anderson

Jenny began volunteering in the school and implementing wellness into the school environment when her youngest daughter started attending elementary school.  She has organized numerous wellness activities, events, and programs in the school with the support of the principal and staff. She started the Healthy Pirates Committee on the PTO board that helped her continue to improve the school health scores and start the school Youth Wellness Council.  She continues to facilitate youth wellness leaders and recruit parents in West Virginia schools.  This lead to working with Try This WV and starting a community wellness council to “connect the dots of wellness” for her own community by creating the WV Parents Action for Wellness Network and website. 


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How to Start a Jump Rope Team

Problem: Jump Rope teams can be a great way to reach groups of students that do not participate in organized sports in the community or are looking for a fun lighthearted physical active hobby.

Project Description: You can start a competitive team if you have other teams in your extended area, or an exhibition team that performs and is noncompetitive.  ​ Who knows, you might start a trend between schools!!! ​ These teams can start in elementary school and go throughout high school if you want. Have fun with it and remember it is just play!

How the project got started: Cost for a jump rope team is minimal. You can get nice jump ropes for the students for about a dollar a piece. A good hula hoop set is about $25 if you want to add some cool tricks to the routine. We give each participant a t shirt. The school PTO pays for these. You could also find a community partner or sponsor to pay for equipment and shirts just by putting the business name on the shirt.

5 steps to start this project:

  1. Try and recruit the PE teacher to introduce jump rope into the daily start up in PE class starting in Kindergarten. The teacher can slowly teach them the fundamentals of jump rope so when the students get to 3rd grade, they are pretty good jumpers!
  2. If there is an existing after school at your school, see if the jump rope group can be part of that program.
  3. Third grade students and up make the best age team jumpers as they understand how to work as a team.
  4. Recruit about 2 or 3 volunteers to help you coach. Set the team rules up on the first day on behavior. Make good behavior part of staying on the team.
  5. You only need to have the team practice once a week for about an hour and a half. But make sure you tell the students that it is up to them to practice and get better. Have different “trick” categories that they work on to make mini teams.

What resources, videos, websites helped you put your project/strategy together?

This website link is to a step by step instruction sheet, try our score sheet (if you have try outs), and a video with the basic jump moves.

How have you engaged the following partners in your strategy?

…parents and grandparents? Parents volunteer to help with logistics of the team and ready equipment and prepare letters that go home to parents.

…principal/administrators? Both school staff and the administration support the team and often come to exhibition performances on their own time.