Get Kids Moving in After-School Programs

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Get Kids Moving in After-School Programs

Project Overview:

In West Virginia, after-school programs fall into two major categories: state-sponsored programs that get federal 21st Century funding (about 7,100 students in about 380 programs), and private after-school programs such as YMCA, Boys and Girls  Clubs, church programs, etc (about 29,600 students). To say the least, after-school programs are an enormous factor in childhood education, with proven benefits.

Compared with children who don’t attend an after-school program, children who do show significant academic improvement and reduced use of drugs and alcohol. These students are also are also significantly less obese. However only 13% of WV schoolchildren (about 36,800 students) attend an after-school program while more than 21 percent of West Virginia schoolchildren (about 59,600 students) are on their own after school, responsible for taking care of themselves.

So the questions remains, how can you create accessible after-school programs to include more students while also engaging students in healthy and active activities?

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