Summer School for Parents – Ohio County

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Ohio County and the surrounding area: (Watch for training in your area or send a request to Jenny Anderson)

This is a training for parents and the community on how to initiate change in public schools. Anyone that wants to learn about the Local School Improvement Council is invited to attend.

Policy may start at the top level, but it is the local school level where we need to be vigilant, advocate, and enforce the policies created so our schools are safe, have equal opportunities, and are inclusive spaces for our children to learn. Please RSVP at to let me know that you are attending!

“Summer School for Parents”
What attendees will learn:

Where do I start? How to Find the Answers and policies you are looking for on the county school board and State Department of Education website

Who’s in Charge of Enforcing the rules? Learn Local School Improvement Council (LSIC) Policy and the Hierarchy of WV Public

Education How do I get other parents involved? Learn how to organize and mobilize and get other parents involved

How does change happen? Learn How to take action and create change in your local school. For example, using the LSIC as a vessel for change.