Meet Our Team

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Jenny Anderson
Jenny AndersonDirector, Families Leading Change
Jenny Anderson is the Director of Families Leading Change, a statewide coalition that provides opportunities for parents, students, and other family members (kinship) to have a voice in public schools. FLC supports families by offering funding to start educational programs and projects and trains families who want to work with their principals, teachers, and school staff to make their hometown schools better. These family teams also work on creating a school system change or policy on a local, state, or federal level.

Jenny is very passionate about school wellness policy and ensuring that schools have tools to involve students and staff. She found her own “parent” voice when she volunteered in her own child’s school where she was able to create programming and a school environment that encouraged a healthy lifestyle daily.

Laurie Ruberg
Laurie RubergAmeriCorps VISTA, Outreach Coordinator
Hello everyone, I’m Laurie Ruberg. As an AmeriCorps VISTA, I feel very lucky to be serving as an outreach coordinator with Families Leading Change, Our Children Our Future WV, and Step By Step coalitions. These groups do fantastic work helping West Virginia families collaborate with their communities to improve local schools.

In addition to my work as a VISTA, I run a small business called PLANTS, which uses hydroponic systems as a teaching tool to promote STEM education in K-12 schools. I also co-lead a non-profit called Capstone Group, Inc., which initiates a variety of educational opportunities for youth through adults. I am an active volunteer in my community as a board member of the Friends of WV Public Broadcasting, an officer of the Collegiate Alumnae of Wheeling, and Christ United Methodist Church Covenant Women’s Group. I sing in my church choir and enjoy playing violin/fiddle with the Community Made Serenade performers.

I’ve been married to George Ruberg for 37 years with continuing adventures every year. Our son, John, is serving as a physician in residence in Greenbrier county. We are happy to have new opportunities to visit the many scenic byways of West Virginia through my VISTA work and visits with John.

Zondria Lansdowne
Zondria LansdowneAmeriCorps VISTA
My name is Zondria, and I am the newest member of the Families Leading Change team. I have experience working with senior citizens, children, families, financially sound and low-income families, people with mental disorders and/or addictions, as well as teens and single parents. I would be thrilled to continue to assist you in operating your organization because your organization is doing all the things I hold close to my heart.

I have worked over twenty-five years as a volunteer. I enjoy being able to help others in all aspects of life. I also strive to change policies that have to be updated or changed. In addition to Families Leading Change WV, my volunteer career has included working with Head Start, RESA IV, Baltimore City School Board, Join the Assets Movement, multiple parent and teacher organizations, food pantries, clothes closets, parks and recreation, and thrift stores. I am currently a part of Chosen, People Of Worth Inc., the Diversity Counsel, Berkeley County School Pass program and Literacy Program, Financial Literacy, the Sunday school program, the church ministry and Choirs at church. I am experienced in all aspects of fundraising.

I have spent many hours working as a mentor to children and adults while working a full-time job. Upon meeting me you will find that I am a hardworking, dependable person who enjoys my abilities to think quickly on my feet and to have an imagination to think outside of the box. I am always full of ideas and problem resolutions and I have the ability to carry them out. I am a Minister of good standing in my church. I also teach Sunday school and have directed the children’s choir in the past and I currently sing in the adult choir. I have been married to my husband, Gordon, for twenty-nine years. I have actively raised fourteen children and have four grandchildren. I enjoy singing, reading, and spending time with my family. I am proud to say ALL of my children (that are of age) have gone to college. I only have two children left at home and one is a dual-enrolled student at Shepherd University and is in the tenth grade; the other is a freshman in high school this year.