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5 Ways to Get Involved

West Virginia schools are hurting. Parents and community leaders are not as involved in public education as we used to be, and our schools have suffered for it.

Here are 5 ways to make sure that your organization, school, and  county will be represented:

1. Register for the 2018 Families Leading Change Summit.

The Families Leading Change (FLC) Summit is an annual event that brings parents, students, caregivers, and kin together with teachers, school administrators, WV Department of Education folks, Board of Education, legislators who support education, and community stakeholders. We need to work as a team to bring about the changes we want in our schools and communities. The FLC Summit provides a fun and educational gathering where parents, students, educators, and policy makers can listen to each other’s perspectives on what is needed for our West Virginia children to have the best educational experiences and preparation.

Do you have an idea for a program or project you would like to see in a school or an after school site? Bring a team to the summit, and you can apply for mini-grant funding for up to $2,000. Make sure you include a K-12 parent (or grandparent or family member of a K-12 student) and a teacher, principal, or school staff member.

The 2018 FLC Summit will take place at Fayette County Schools, Oak Hill, WV on Friday & Saturday, Oct 26-27. Register for the FLC Summit at:

2. Start assessing your school for a 2018 FLC mini grant!

We have a handy tool for helping you and your team at your local school zero in on what type of program or project you might want to bring to your school. So get a group of parents, students, teachers, etc. together and make a plan for coming to the 2018 FLC summit to apply for a mini grant up to $2000.  Use the 2018 mini grant and school assessment as guides to prepare your mini-grant proposal. Below are links to download these materials.

3. Sign on!

Find us on Families Leading Change WV Facebook Group or  FLC Twitter and sign on! Our Families Leading Change WV Facebook group is a great place to share ideas, see what our current 53 mini grant parent and family teams are doing in their schools.  Get support from other parents and family members raising our WV kids who can give advice or words of encouragement as we work together leading positive change in WV schools. We post updates on other funding opportunities, upcoming workshops and events, and important education policy info for West Virginia.

If you want to be included in mailings about Families Leading Change, and/or have your organization listed with our 44 other partners, please e-mail Jenny.

4. Tell us what your school or community is already doing! 

Are you already creating change as a parent or family school leader? Why not create a mini “How To” guide based on your program so that West Virginia families can do the same in their schools. We are not reinventing the wheel. If you or someone in your school is doing something great with families (a fatherhood engagement program? an anti-bullying effort? a creative way to boost math scores?) — please let us know. We want to make sure that we are highlighting their work and showing other families that it’s possible. Contact Jenny and she can send you a “How To” profile so we can collect and share your information.

5. Host a Families Leading Change event in your hometown!

If you can get a bunch of parents, school people, and community leaders together (or even if you have another event already on the books), we would be happy to come and make a presentation about Families Leading Change. We will show some examples of what parents are doing across the state, hear from you about what’s working in your county, and offer ways that you and your county can get resources (including a mini-grant) to expand family-led projects. In fact, get together with more than one county or several communities and host a regional Families Leading Change event! E-mail Jennywith date, time, location for your event – and who you plan to bring.