Families Leading Change is a statewide coalition that has come together to do two things. First, we want to support, fund, and train families who want to work with their principals and teachers to make their hometown schools stronger (whether that means better drug prevention, vocational programs, school gardens, early literacy, etc. – whatever the community and school decide are most needed). Second, we want state and federal government officials to learn from the local expertise and wisdom of families across West Virginia.

This movement is called Families Leading Change, and it is not a Democrat or Republican effort. We have parent groups (WV PTA, Circle of Parents, Parents Action for Wellness), business groups (Education Alliance, WV Chamber of Commerce), teachers (AFT-WV, WVEA), administrators (WV Principals Association), students (Young WV, BAPS, SADD chapters) and community groups (Our Children, Our Future, Step-by-Step, Try This WV) all at the table.

We invite you to become a part of this movement. We know that it will only succeed if local leaders like you help to define and shape what you want it to be in your community.

Students in classroom all standing with hands raised.