Families Leading Change is a statewide coalition that has come together to do two things. First, we want to support, fund, and train families who want to work with their principals and teachers to make their hometown schools stronger (whether that means better drug prevention, ESL (emotional and social learning) and ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) awareness and training, vocational programs, school gardens, early literacy, etc. – whatever the community and school decide are most needed). Second, we want state and federal government officials to learn from the local expertise and wisdom of families across West Virginia.

We are expanding our grassroots, bottom-up, parent and family-led movement to revive and create stronger public education in our state. We will continue to expand our collection of the best practices with a core group of motivated family-led teams who are implementing projects to transform their local schools.


West Virginia schools are hurting. Parents and community leaders are not as involved in public education as we used to be, and our schools have suffered for it.


How To’s

We’re collecting success stories from around the state, offering the necessary details that you’ll need to lead change with your own parents, schools, and communities.